Company Departments

The Cloudwords Professional Edition offers customers the ability to divide their account into departments so they can assign their users to them.

What are departments, and how do they work?

- Creating departments is optional, and intended at helping companies better manage their projects and teams.

- After creating departments, every user must be assigned to one.

- When assigned to a department, a user will only have access to projects related to that department.

- The following company settings and contents are shared by all departments within the account:
    - Intended uses
    - Lists of source and target languages
    - Glossaries
    - Style guides
    - Translation memory

How do I create and edit departments?

    1. Click the Settings link on top of any page on your Cloudwords account, and select the Overview option. 

    2. On the Settings Overview page, click on the Company Departments option.

    3. On the Company Departments settings page, click Add to create a new department.

- If you want to change the name of an existing department, just click the Rename link that appears for each department on that page.

How do I delete a department?

- If you want to delete a department, make sure that no user belongs to it, and also that it does not contain any projects.

   Important notes about deleting an existing department:

        1. If the department you want to delete has users, you will need to move all of them to another department before being able to effectively delete it. To do so:
                - Click on Settings --> User Management. On the User Management page, click Edit for each user you want to move to another department. Once the department is empty, you will be able to click the Delete link that appears on the Company Departments settings page.

        2. If the department you want to delete has projects, you will need to move them to other departments. To do so:
                 - Go to each individual project page, and click the Edit link that appears under the project's name. On the edit page, you can choose a new Department for your project.

        This is the detailed way to delete a department:
          a) Switch your own department to the one you want to delete. To do this, simply switch your active department at the top of any page. 
          b) Once you have switched departments, go to the Projects tab, where you will be able to see all the projects that belong to the department you want to delete.
          c) Follow the instructions above to edit each individual project, reassigning them to another department.
          d) Once you have reassigned/moved every project that belongs to the department you are in, switch yourself to another department.
          e) Go to the Departments settings page. Now the department you want to delete will have no projects. Provided that it also has no users assigned to it, you will be able to delete that department.

Note: If you want to continue getting reports of spending or activity for a particular department, we recommend that it is not deleted.

About users and departments

- To assign a user to a department,  go to the User Management settings page, and Edit each user individually. You will be able to move a user from one department to another.

- Users can only belong to one department, but they can switch groups at any time by editing their own account information by going to the My Information settings page.

- The first time you divide your company into departments, each existing project will be moved to the department that the user that created the project is moved into. Future changes of a user's department will not affect which department projects belong to.

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