One Review: The Reviewer Role

Some companies have internal collaborators that help reviewing the translations performed by the localization vendor. In order to support the task of reviewing translations delivered by vendors on Cloudwords, customers can add users whose assigned role is Reviewer

Here are a few questions and answers that will help understanding how a reviewer can help during a project, what they can do and more.

1) How can I add reviewers to my Cloudwords account?

2) How do I add reviewers to a particular translation project?

3) What can a reviewer do and view in an account?

4) Associating reviewers to languages and managing notifications



1) How can I add reviewers to my Cloudwords account?

To add a Reviewer to your account: 

- Sign in to your Cloudwords account

- Click the Settings link on top of any page and choose the User Management option

- Click the New User button 

- On the New User page, add their information (Name, Email) and, under Role, select the Reviewer option and, if necessary, configure the Languages the reviewer should be associated with

- Click Save

The newly added user will receive a notification email from Cloudwords inviting them to confirm their registration to your account. 


2) How do I add reviewers to a particular translation project?

There are two ways you can add a reviewer to one of your projects. 

A) When you are creating a project 

- After you click the Start a new project button to create a translation project, you will have to go through a few screens to create your project (also called the Project Creation Wizard). 

- On the first screen of the project creation wizard, the Project followers section is where you decide which other users on your Cloudwords account are going to be added to the project you are creating. 

- To add a reviewer, simply select their name (they will display "Reviewer" next to their name) and click the Add+ button to add them.  


B) If your project has already been created:

- From your Projects Tab on your account, find the project you want to add the reviewer to and click the project name

- The specific Project Overview tab will open, where you can see all the project's details. 

- On the Project Overview page, look for the Followers section. 

- On the Followers section, click the Edit button

- A new page will be displayed. Look for the Project Followers section. On that section, select the user you want to add to your project from the drop down list, and they will be added to it. You can also remove current followers from your project if you want. 

- Click the Save Changes button to save your settings and return to the Project Overview page. 


3) What can a reviewer do and view in an account?

Reviewers can:

- Edit their own account name, email, timezone, password and languages they are associated with in Cloudwords,

- Approve or request a revision of the translations of any language in a project,

- Post comments to and change the status of any task,

- Send and read messages in any project,

- See every project on the account (or, if the account has been divided into departments, on the department they belong to).

Reviewers cannot:

- View the Reports tab,

- View the Vendor Marketplace,

- See any financial information (bids, project costs, et cetera) for any project,

- Remove themselves from projects they have been added to as a follower,

- Change their Account settings, with the exception of their own personal information,

- Change their role in the Cloudwords account.


4) Associating reviewers to languages and managing notifications

Reviewers can be associated with one or more languages, which will determine which notifications they receive for projects they are following. Learn more.



Note: The ability to divide users into Roles, including Reviewer, is only available for customers of the Cloudwords Professional Edition. Learn more.

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