Translation Memory Search and Edit

Administrators of a Cloudwords Professional Edition account are able to manage their Translation Memory and also to search and edit specific source/translation segments.

To search for the whole Translation Memory for a specific source/target language pair, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Cloudwords account.

2. Click on the OneTM tab. Remember that you must be an Administrator on your account to access the Translation Memory section.

3. At the Translation Memory settings page, click on the Search tab.

4. At the Search tab, make the relevant selections. The source and target languages must be selected, while the other selections are optional. Click the Search button. 

The results will be displayed underneath the search options. If you want to change your search options and refresh the results, simply review your selections in the search area and click the Search button again.

To edit a segment, simply click the one you want to modify, and select the Edit option. 

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