Permission Setting: Requesting Quotes From Non-Preferred Vendors

The Cloudwords Professional Edition allows administrators to set the permission, for each individual user (Project Managers or other Administrators), to request bids for their projects from non-preferred vendors.

By default, this permission is active and granted to every user on the account.

If a user does not have this permission, when they create a new project they will only be able to request quotes from vendors that have been marked as preferred.


In what situation would I want to modify this permission?

As an example, imagine a customer that has agreed to only use the services of two or three vendors from the Cloudwords marketplace. In this case, the administrator of the account can remove the permission of users creating projects to request quotes from non-preferred vendors. In that case, a user creating a project will not see the option, on the project creation wizard, to include vendors chosen by Cloudwords when requesting bids.


To modify this permission setting follow these steps:

- Go to Settings > User Management

- Click the Edit link for the user you want to modify the permission for

- On the User's account page, go to the Preferences tab and click Edit

- On the user's Preferences, modify the setting "Can request quotes for projects from vendors other than preferred vendors" and click Save

   - Select the checkbox if you want the user to be able to request quotes from non-preferred vendors

   - Unselect the checkbox if you want the user to be able to request quotes only from your list of preferred vendors.



Only Administrators and Project Managers can create projects on Cloudwords. Therefore, Reviewers do not have this setting on their account preferences.


Learn more about preferred vendors.

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