Switching Departments

Customers on a Professional or higher edition on Cloudwords can access more than one department on their account.

Administrators have, by default, access to all departments on their account. Other users with a role other than administrator can be granted access to more than one department. 

Users who belong to more than department will see a "Department" filter on their Home and Projects tabs as well as on other pages with lists of tasks or messages. That filter can be used to determine what information is displayed on the page, making it simple to work on one or more departments at the same time. 


- If you log in to Cloudwords, switch from Department "ABC" to "XYZ" and log out, next time you log in to Cloudwords you will see Department "XYZ" information.

- When creating a project, if you belong to more than one department, you will be asked to select which department the project will belong to. 

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