Granting Project Managers and Reviewers Access to Edit the Translation Memory

Administrators can grant users whose role is Project Manager or Reviewer access to the Company and Departments' Translation Memory. This way, these users will be able to edit segments and help maintaining the translations up-to-date.

To grant a Project Manager or a Reviewer access to the account's OneTM tab:

1. Log in to your Cloudwords account. Remember, to grant this permission, you must be an Administrator.

2. Click the Settings link on top of any page and select the User Management option.

3. On the User Management page, find the user you want to grant access to your translation memory and click on their name.

4. Once you are at the User's account page, go to the Permissions section, and click Edit.

5. While editing the Permissions page, select the checkbox under the Access to Translation Memory section to grant this user access to the OneTM tab, where they will be able to search and edit your Company or any of the Departments' Translation Memory.

Once a user has been granted access to the Company's Translation Memory, they will see the OneTM tab on their Cloudwords account. 

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