How Do Translation Requests Submitted by Requesters Work?

Once a requesters submits a translation request, the configured user(s) on the account will receive the request. The request recipient(s) will then have the ability to review the request and create a project in Cloudwords to have the materials submitted by the requester translated by a vendor.  

Any account Administrator or Project Manager can be configured to be able to receive a translation request. To configure a user, go to “Settings” -> “User Management” -> and click on “Edit” next to the desired user. Click on “Permissions” tab and click “Edit”.  Under the “Accept Translation Request” section, choose the department(s) and language(s) this user can accept a request for. When a requester submits a request, Cloudwords will automatically route and notify these users based on the department and languages of the request.  If your account is not divided by departments, then you will only be asked to configure the languages.

If the request included translating materials into more than one language, the recipient(s) will be able to create more than one project, including as many languages as necessary on each of them. Those different projects can also be sent to different vendors, if necessary, and include the requester as a follower, so they can track the status of their translations. 

As the translations are delivered by the vendor and approved, the requester will be able to download the finalized materials. 

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