Setting up Internal Translators

An internal translator is a user role that represents an internal translation resource for the company. Once configured, an internal translator can be assigned projects to translate without the need to submit a bid. 

To set up an user as an internal translator, go to Settings and click on User Management. Click on Edit next to the desired user. Under the Role options, select Internal Translator. A user can be both an Administrator and an Internal Translator, a Project Manager and an Internal Translator, or only an Internal Translator. The same user role setting is also available as a part of the Create New User screen.

Directly below the role setting is the Available as Internal Translator setting. Check the checkbox to mark the user as an available internal translator. If your company account has been divided into departments, select the department(s) you would like the user to be available as an internal translator. An internal translator will appear as an option in the project creation wizard only if the user has been marked as available as internal translator.

Lastly, there is an optional setting to configure the Language Pairs to Translate for the internal translator. By configuring the language pairs a user can translate, Cloudwords will match this information with a project's source & target languages to suggest the best-matched internal translator(s) in the project creation wizard. 


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