Setting Up Your Company Profile

One of the most important ways customers have to learn about the Localization Service Providers (LSP) on Cloudwords is by visiting their Company Profile pages. The information on your profile page could be an important factor for customers when deciding which vendor they will use for a translation project. This is why completing your profile page is so important.

To edit your page, select the Company Profile tab on your Cloudwords account. Here, you can manage your logo:

  • Company Logo: If you have not yet uploaded a logo image in Cloudwords, click Upload. If you want to replace an old logo, click Replace and select a new logo. You can upload a JPG, PNG, or GIF file types, and it must be smaller than 1 MB. We strongly recommend that the shape of the image you upload is as close as possible to a square; the reason for this is that this logo will be displayed next to your Company name in the Cloudwords Vendors Directory.

Click Edit on your Company Profile page to add or edit the following information:

  • Company Name: This is the name of your business and it is the name by which your company will be displayed in the Cloudwords Vendors Directory.
  • Current announcement: You can post the latest news about your company, an offer to the Cloudwords customers, or any other short message that you want. Note that this field has a limit of 470 characters.
  • Contact Information: When choosing an email address to use here, understand that this is displayed to all Cloudwords customers. The same applies to the First and Last Name, Address and phone number fields.
  • Twitter account: Add your company's Twitter username and your Cloudwords profile page will display an icon and link to your account on Twitter.
  • Facebook link: Add a link to your company's Facebook Page so customers can join your community on that social network.
  • About Us: This is where you can tell the customers visiting this page all about your organization, your services, and the reasons that make you one of the best localization service providers. Just keep it under the 1,800 characters limit.
  • Industries: Indicate all of the industries that your company is specialized in.
  • Languages: Add all the languages that you provide translations for. 
  • Top Languages: This is a subset of the languages above, and you can select up to 10 of the languages you added to the languages list.
  • Supported File Types: Indicate which file types your company supports. This is very useful information for your current and potential customers.

In addition to editing the main section of your Company Profile, you can also:

  • Embed a YouTube video: Just copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it in the Video section of your Company Profile. We will automatically format and display it on your page, along with a brief description that you can add.
  • Add a SlideShare presentation: SlideShare ( is a free service that allows registered users to post a PowerPoint or similar presentation to their account and later share it anywhere on the web. Once you have uploaded your presentation to your SlideShare account, copy its URL and paste it to your Cloudwords Profile page, along with a brief description that you can include.
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