Adding a SlideShare Presentation to Your Company Profile Page

What is SlideShare? SlideShare ( is a free service that allows users to post a PowerPoint or similar presentation to their account, and later share or embed it anywhere on the web.

We allow you to embed one of your SlideShare presentations to your Cloudwords profile page, so clients viewing your page can learn more about your services.

How to embed a SlideShare presentation to your profile page

Once you have uploaded your presentation to your SlideShare account, copy its URL and paste it to the Presentation section of your Cloudwords Profile page, along with a brief description of it. Click Save, and the presentation will be embedded to your page and available immediately to Cloudwords customers visiting your Company profile page.

Note: Remember that only Cloudwords customers logged in to their account can see your company profile page. No other translation vendors, nor users without a Cloudwords account will have access to it.

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