Sitecore - User Guide

Launching the Application

The Cloudwords icon appears in the Sitecore start menu.



Project Dashboard Page


  • Create a new project
  • View all of out date items (items that have changed since last translation)
  • Searching, filtering, and sorting of existing translation projects



Create a New Project




Enter the name of the project to be created in Cloudwords.

2.Choose Items

Choose the items in Sitecore to send for translation. The Sitecore content tree makes finding items to be translated familiar. If an item is out of data it will display "out of date" next to the item name.

3.Choose Language

Choose target language(s) for this project. Only languages that are configured in both Sitecore and Cloudwords will appear.

4.Create Project Button

The create project button creates all of the translation files and the corresponding Sitecore entries to support translation.

Project Details

The project details page will always show the current status of the project (within a 5 minute window, which is configurable) as well as an overview of the items that were sent for translation. Searching on the language name and sorting is available. The import button, when available, will import the language back into Sitecore.




Click on a language to see the details (all of the items) for that language.




The project reference section will show all of the reference files as well as allow the uploading of new files or replacement of an existing upload.




Out of Date Items

The out of date items will show all of the items within Sitecore for which the source item has been updated since the last translation and should be submitted for translation again.


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