One Review: Help


The One Review toolbar has a number of options that are detailed below: 


Navigate back to project view.
The name of the asset that has been translated and the translated language.
Time left to complete the review.

Shows all the reviewers tasked to review this asset and current status. Status can be Not Started, Reviewing, Completed.
Enables comments made by reviewers to be searched.

Enables the asset to be downloaded in different formats.

Enables reviewer to view discussion and activity related to the asset.

Allows the reviewer to save the current feedback and edits and come back to the review later. The review task remains in the reviewers task list.
Allows the reviewer to complete the review. The review task is removed from the reviewers task list.


In-Context Preview

At the top right corner of the preview area are two buttons that allow the asset to be zoomed in and out (50% - 200%). 

The following file formats are supported for in-context preview:

  • Web Content Management
    • Adobe Experience Manager: Web Pages
    • Drupal: Web Pages
    • SiteCore: Web Pages
    • WordPress: Web Pages
  • Marketing Automation
    • Eloqua: Emails, Landing Pages, Dynamic Content, Images
    • Hubspot: Emails, Landing Pages, Blogs, Web Pages
    • Marketo: Emails, Landing Pages, Forms, Dynamic Content, Templates, Snippets, Tokens
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Emails, Landing Pages
  • Document Formats
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Office Documents: MS Word, Powerpoint


Line-By-Line Edit

Cloudwords’ line-by-line interface shows both the source text and the translation side by side – so reviewers can see what it’s supposed to say in the source language and ensure it’s translated correctly in the new language.

Select to view the in-context preview.
Select to see a split view of in-context preview and line-by-line edit.
Select to primarily see the line-by-line edit.
Select to edit the translation.
Select to provide feedback.

The following file formats are supported in the line-by-line review:

  • Adobe FrameMaker (MIF) format.
  • Application/Programming Language Formats:
    • Windows (.resx, resw)
    • JSON Key-Value (.json)
    • Ruby (YAML)
    • PHP
    • Gettext (PO)
  • Captions / SubTitles: SRT
  • HTML
  • OpenDocument formats. (.odt, .ods,odp,.odg)
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites
  • Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Plan Text
  • Salesforce Knowledge
  • XML


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