New Release - Sangria - March 12 2016

Sangria is a Spanish drink that combines red wine, sugar, spices, slices of fruits (apples, orange, lemon, lime) and soda water. The drink is named after the Spanish or Portuguese word for “bleeding” because of its typical dark-red color.

Just like the drink this Cloudwords release has a healthy mix of exciting features across the platform:


A significant number of enhancements:

  • UX changes to provide more screen space to view content.
  • Side-by-Side source and translation review.
  • View differences between edits.
  • Revert to previous version of a edit.
  • View status of other reviewers in a multi-review workflow.
  • Ability to tag edit and feedback with severity and error type
  • Dashboard that provides project managers the ability to view the overall status of reviews across projects and languages in a campaign.

In-App Help

A help button on the bottom right hand of the screen let's you search for product

documentation,  knowledge articles, frequently asked questions, community posts, etc.. If you need further assistance an issue request can be easily created without navigating to the Help Center.

Machine Translation

Ability to support offline content for machine translation in addition to supporting content from all the supported integrations.i.e. As a project manager, I can select office files from my desktop and create a project to machine translate them.


Developer APIs

New project search and filter APIs

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