Syncing and Processing: what these statuses mean

When an asset is showing a status of "processing" or "syncing", this refers to an automated step that Cloudwords is performing.  In most cases, the task should complete in less than 2 minutes per asset.  

This status can also be seen at the project level, where an entire set of assets is going through an external syncing process.  

Specifically, the syncing status refers to tasks where Cloudwords is communicating with an external platform (for example, Marketo or WordPress).  In the syncing step, we are either sending or receiving content from that system.

The processing task is another internal step where Cloudwords is preparing either some materials such as an XLIFF file for the translator to use, or the contextual view for the internal review tasks.  

Both the syncing and processing tasks are helpful automated steps that are eliminating manual work for you and your vendor.

If these tasks happen to hang or return an error, there could be an issue with communicating with an external service.  In those cases, our engineering team will be alerted and can offer assistance to resolve it.

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