New Release - Hurricane - April 16 2016

This release has certainly been a storm where development speeds have significantly exceeded 72 lines of code per hour.
We will certainly be having a few hurricanes to celebrate. The hurricane is a sweet alcoholic drink that originated in a speakeasy called Mr.O'Briens's Club Tipperary in New Orleans. It's made with rum, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup or grenadine.
Salesforce Knowledge Integration (Updated)
  • Salesforce Knowledge users can now select arbitrary combinations of articles from translation queue to create a project
  • Support for line-by-line review
  • Knowledge articles can now be managed on a file-by-file basis in a project
  • Automatically scans for links to other articles and update them with appropriate language code as part of translation delivery.
Marketo Integration (Updated)

Dynamic content rule scanning during project creation will now respect the include/exclude dependency checkbox. 

Requirements for translated XLIFF files

Cloudwords will start executing a series of quality checks when translated XLIFF files are uploaded in the system. Our aim is that these checks will reduce the errors and time spent to triage/recover. Checks include:
- Original attribute on file tag must match source.
- Ensure XLIFFs are valid XML and valid XLIFF.
- Source and translation must have the same trans-unit tags.
- All translation units must have translations
- Use of the correct language code.

More information can be found in the following knowledge article.
OneReview Dashboard 
  • Updated UX 
  • Ability to view the review metrics by assets. E.g. How many assets for a language across all campaigns within a campaign have been opened for review, review completed, etc.. This allows project managers to ensure that every asset has been reviewed.


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