New Release - El Diablo - May 14 2016

This is a real devil of a release. Sorry to disappoint the Lazarus Lane and DC comic fans out there - it's named after the tequila cocktail containing creme de cassis (a liqueur flavored with French blackcurrants), lime juice and ginger ale. 

Veeva Vault Integration (New)

Veeva Vault provides a content management platform and suite of applications built for life sciences.

Just like Cloudwords' other enterprise file sharing integrations, a user can select content directly from Veeva Vault during project creation and send it for translation.

OneReview Dashboard (Updated)

- Updated UX.
- Ability to download review data in Excel for reporting/analysis.

Project Management (Updated)

- Project Priorities
Ability to optionally define priorities whilst creating a project request or project.

- Increased description field sizes
Increased the number of characters that description field supports to over 2,000.

- Ability to add/remove source files during bidding/translation request for desktop content projects.

During various bidding/translation request states (submitted for bids, waiting for bid selection, bid expired..etc), the project owner can now take the project to a "source editing" state to add/remove source files and relaunch the project when ready.

- Change order support for removing a source file for desktop content projects 

Previously, project owners can only add new files via change orders but not be able to remove/replace a source file. This feature now allows them to do both.

API for vendors to access relevant department TM by project (New)

More information can be found in the developer docs:

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