Vendor: Review and Accept a Project Request

Your customer begins a project by outlining the scope in their Cloudwords Project Creation Wizard.  You will be informed of your invitation to bid/quote on a project by auto-email notification.

Follow the link in the notification email to see the project details.  Take note of these important project details:

  • Bid due date
  • Delivery due date
  • Source and target languages
  • Instructions from the customer
  • Source files
  • Translation Memory
  • Reference material (glossary, style guide)
  • Workflow

You’ll need to analyze the source material to get your word counts and TM leverage.  You can download the source files and all reference materials (including translation memories, glossaries, and style guide) on the Source Files page.After you have reviewed this information, you must decide whether to Accept or Decline this bid request.    

We request that you respond to the bid request within 24 hours of its receipt.  A bid is not required to be submitted until the specified bid deadline, but it is important for the customer to now of your intent to bid as soon as possible. 

Note about the bidding process: All bidding opportunities are private between you and the customer.  Your pricing and bid information can never be seen by any other vendor at any time.  Cloudwords will not indicate whether you are in a competitive bid situation or if you were exclusively invited. In some situations, customers can elect to automatically approve your bid as soon as it is submitted.

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