Vendor: Submitting a Bid

When you select the option to Accept Request, the Bid Request page will appear.  This is the page where you will input your word counts, rates, and additional fees for the project.

At any time during the bidding process, you can submit questions to the customer at the project’s Discussions area.  Project discussions are used to for direct communication between you and the customer.  Email notifications will be sent for all project discussions as well as being logged in the Discussions area.

The first part of the bid form is Translation Costs.  In this part of the form, you can input your word counts and associated rates.  The fee subtotals and word count total are automatically calculated by Cloudwords.

Helpful tips: 

  1. You can save multiple rate tables and then quickly import those rates to a project bid by selecting your saved price list from the drop-down menu.  Price Lists can be created at Settings/Price Lists.   
  2. Vendors can import their word count logs from their translation tool.  Currently we support .csv, .xml logs from Trados, or .csv logs from WorldServer.

The next part of the bid request form is Other Costs.  You can include additional line items.  If there is a line item that you would like to include a fee for, but the category is not represented, you can add that fee to any existing category and include an explanatory note in the Bid Description field.  It is also okay to leave a cost field blank if that cost does not apply to your services; however, please be careful to understand whether the customer is indeed asking for that service.

The final part of the Bid Request form is the Bid Description field.  In this text box, you can add any notes about your pricing, project plan, or company information.  You can create bid description templates under Settings/More/Bid Description Templates that can be reused in future projects.

Once you have completed your bid information, you can Submit Bid and your bid task will be completed.  The customer will receive a notification to review your bid, and you will wait for the customer to award you the project. 

If a customer fails to select a bid in the allotted time, they will have to update their project request with new delivery dates.  If they do this, you will be asked to update your bid (if applicable) and confirm that that you can deliver by the revised delivery dates.

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