Vendor: Translation Delivery

If the customer selects your bid, you will receive an email notification informing you of your next task: to deliver the initial translations.  The translations are not considered final because they are subject to the approval of the customer’s reviewers.

Files must be delivered on a 1:1 basis.  For example, if the customer’s source materials include 2 Word documents and 1 Powerpoint, you must deliver corresponding files for each source file. 

Bulk uploads are possible.  You can use the upload link for each file, or you can drag-and-drop your deliverables into the translated files area.  If the translated files have the same name as the source, Cloudwords will automatically match up the source and target files.

Note about projects involving XLIFF deliverables:  Cloudwords will run validation checks on the deliverables to ensure that valid XLIFF files are being uploaded.

Once all files have a corresponding deliverable, your initial “Deliver Translation” tasks will be complete, and the customer’s review phase will begin.  Reviewers will have the option to approve the translations, or to request a revision.

Cloudwords does allow staggered delivery.  For example, if a customer requests one target language's translations be delivered before all other languages, you can upload those first.

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