Adobe Experience Manager - Patch Release

Versions supported: 

It works on all versions from CQ 5.6 through AEM 6.2

This patch includes the following fixes:

1) Improved support for when a project has translation changes during the review stage.

When approving a review in the In-Context review, this fix will ensure that it will re-download and re-apply changes even if those changes were done. At present, the connector could sometimes miss changes if they were made at the same time a project went from "In Review" to "Approved" in Cloudwords.

2) Included the default "sample" workflow into the main cloudwords release package.

This default workflow which was already in cloudwords-demo packages is now added to this release.

3) Proxy support. 

If a proxy is configured through the CQ HTTP Proxy Configuration, it can now be used in Cloudwords. If a proxy isn't configured , it won't change anything.

Download this patch release here.



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