InDesign In-Context Review Overview

1.0 Introduction

Adobe InDesign is a common format that is used to create infographics, brochures, white papers, leaflets, pricelists, etc.. Cloudwords supports in-context preview to allow reviewers to preview the source and translated document within the browser without the need for installing InDesign. Reviewers can use the same functions available in OneReview to comment and edit translations. The in-context review for InDesign differs in that the review has to request a preview to be regenerated versus it changing as they edit in other in-context review for Marketo content, MS Word, etc..  The regeneration of the preview can take a few minutes depending on the size of the file and the number of preview requests generated by reviewers.

2.0 Localization Workflow

Cloudwords allows different workflows to be configured for different file formats. Below is the recommended workflow for InDesign:

1. Source is uploaded and sent to LSP or internal translator for translation.
The translator is expected to perform both a translation of the text and any DTP required. E.g. Right-to-Left languages or when text overflows in languages such as German where more space is required.

2. Once translated, reviewers make comments and edits.

3. A new version of the InDesign document is generated by Cloudwords and sent back to the LSP or internal translator to make final changes. 

4. A final review takes place and the document is available for download.

3.0 Working with InDesign Files

3.1 ZIP directory structure

The typical directory structure that InDesign generates is the following:

- Document fonts (directory containing fonts)
<file>.pdf   <PDF version of the source file)
<file>.indd  <INDD file>

This structure can be generated using the Package feature in InDesign:

Step1: Select the File/Package menu option.


Step 2. Select the appropriate options in the dialog.

- Deselect the "Include IDML" option.
- Select the "Copy Fonts.." and "Include Fonts..." options.
- Select the Copy Linked Graphics and Update Links in Package options.


A few things to note:

- Please ensure that the zip doesn't contain an idml file.
- Ensure all the fonts are included in the fonts directory.
Fonts are dynamically installed and loaded to generate the preview.
Ensure all the fonts being used in the file are within the document fonts directory in each document.

- When using a Mac - make sure that hidden folders, etc.. are not included in the zip file.

3.2 Supported Versions

This feature has been tested with InDesign CC 2015.
If you would like other versions of InDesign to be supported please contact the support team or your customer success manager.



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