Synchronization Errors


As part of the translation workflow, Cloudwords performs a number of background tasks. These tasks can be divided into two areas:

Source Preparation
- Retrieving the content for translation from the underlying enterprise system. (e.g Marketo emails, landing pages, tokens, snippets, forms, etc..) 
- Formatting the content for translation. (e.g. Conversion to XLIFF)
- Formatting the content for source in-context preview. 

Translation Delivery
- Writing the translated content back to the enterprise system. E.g. Writing translated Marketo content to the appropriate program.
- Generating the original file/content formats from the translated XLIFF file(s).
- Formatting the content for translated in-context preview.

Error can occur during these background tasks. Some commons errors are:

- Cloudwords does not have appropriate permissions to access the asset.
- Cloudwords does not have appropriate credentials to access the enterprise system.
- Asset not found. As it could have been deleted after project creation. 
- File format is not recognized.

These errors are displayed as Cloudwords “Synchronization Errors. When these occur, Cloudwords automatically retries the task again periodically. E.g. The underlying enterprise system may be unavailable due to maintenance and Cloudwords will automatically perform the task when its available.

In cases, where Cloudwords tasks have been in the state for some time or cannot be resolved by Cloudwords, the Synchronization Error UI provides customers the ability to triage the issue and take the appropriate action for the project to continue executing to completion.


Source Preparation

If a project encounters an error while preparing source content, the project overview page will display a list of errors encountered and recommendations to solve them.



Source sync error categories:

Error  Description Diagnosis Recommendations
Asset not found Selected asset for translation cannot be found by Cloudwords.  Ensure that assets exists in the underlying system and has the appropriate permissions.
Login failed Cloudwords was unable to authenticate with the Enterprise System. Ensure the credentials being used are still valid and haven't changed. 
Permission issue Cloudwords can address the asset but unable to retrieve it due to permissions. Ensure the credentials being used to authenticate have the appropriate permissions.
See knowledge article 
"Synchronization Error - Permissions" for further details.

Unexpected error Cloudwords encountered an unknown error Log a ticket with Cloudwords Customer Success team. 
Preview generation failed Cloudwords was unable to generate the preview for the asset.   Check the format/formatting of the asset. E.g. Confirm the e-mail template in HTML is valid HTML. File is not corrupt. 


Translation Delivery

If a project encounters an error while delivering (“syncing”) translations, Cloudwords will label that asset as sync failed.


Menu options:

Request Revision - Send asset back to translator and notify them to redeliver translations.

Cancel Translation - Remove this asset from the project.

Retry - Attempt sync of asset to the enterprise system again.

Create ticket - Submit ticket to Cloudwords support.


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